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How to Make Brainstorming More Effective with Professor Art Middlebrooks 1v June 02, 2022 Register Now

MBA Masterclass Featured Faculty

The professors at Chicago Booth are renowned for their research, thought leadership, and roles as dedicated teachers and mentors. Learn more about our featured faculty members and their distinctive areas of expertise.

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Amy Ward

Rothman Family Professor of Operations Management and Charles M. Harper Faculty Fellow

Amy Ward

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Managing Service Operations with Professor Amy Ward (recorded March 15, 2022)
Why is excellent service so rare? What are the key challenges in service delivery? Investigate these questions in the context of mass transit systems.

Designing a Good Life with Professor Nick Epley (recorded January 24, 2022)
Find out what behavioral scientists have learned about the relationship between ethics and success at work, and between ethics and happiness.

Psychological Sources of Bias with Professor Jane Risen (recorded November 2, 2021)
Explore how psychological biases affect behavior in the form of discrimination, stereotypes, prejudice, and implicit bias; and how to help prevent it by shifting one's mindset.

Read and Analyze Financial Statements with Kathleen Fitzgerald (recorded August 17, 2021)
Get an introduction to the basics of financial statement analysis, how to interpret them, and the importance of choosing the right benchmark before making conclusions.

Behavioral Economics Applications with Devin Pope (recorded August 2, 2021)
Can psychology lead to a greater understanding of how the economy works? Learn more about the recent theoretical and empirical advances in this increasingly important field of economics.

Corporate Behavior and Performance: The CEO Factor with Abbie Smith (recorded May 26, 2021)
Explore how a qualitative analysis of top executives can provide context for interpreting firms’ financial statements and enable better financial forecast models for risk analysis and valuation.

Macroeconomic Effects of Covid-19 with Veronica Guerrieri (recorded May 19, 2021)
Investigate the macroeconomic effects of the current pandemic and which types of policies could be the most effective, given the particular nature of the health emergency. 

The Chicago Booth Approach to Marketing with JP Dube (recorded May 17, 2021)
What happens when you have an empirical focus on pricing strategies? Learn how to apply marketing models and analytics to develop pricing strategies in practice. 

I Love Cash Flow: Building Intellectual Proof of Concept with Scott Meadow (recorded May 3, 2021)
Examine the common issues that impair the entrepreneur/investor partnership and identify the research tools needed to analyze private enterprises to build intellectual proof of concept.

Managerial Decision Modeling and Operations Management with Baris Ata (recorded April 28, 2021)
How do you address resource allocation problems? Develop, analyze, and solve spreadsheet models while learning about the intersection of decision making and operations management. 

Models Of Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition with Mark Agnew and Brian O’Connor (recorded March 2, 2021)
What are the critical points in the life cycle of entrepreneurship through acquisition? Explore different paths young entrepreneurs take to acquire and lead a small business.

Impact Measurement for Entrepreneurs and Impact Investors with Christina Hachikian (recorded February 23, 2021)
Explore the tools, approaches, and trends in impact measurement deployed by early stage social entrepreneurs and the impact investors who fund them.

The Psychology of Losing: A Snippet from ‘Managerial Decision Making’ with George Wu (recorded February 17, 2021)
Get a taste of how Booth students learn about the psychology of decision making and the concept of loss aversion—the notion that losses are more painful than gains are attractive.

Who Becomes a CEO? Who Succeeds? with Steven Kaplan (recorded December 14, 2020)
What are the characteristics of successful CEOs and how do they differ from CFOs or COOs? Dive into the research and explore what it means for MBA students.

Behavioral Economics Applications with Devin Pope (recorded November 30, 2020)
With recent theoretical and empirical advances in this increasingly important field, learn how behavioral economics helps us understand how markets work.

Marketing at Booth with Pradeep Chintagunta (recorded November 18, 2020)
Get an introduction to the Chicago Approach to marketing, grounded in the core disciplines of economics, psychology, and statistics.

What Should the Objective of a Corporation Be? with Raghuram Rajan (recorded November 9, 2020)
With inequality on the rise and social problems exacerbated by the global pandemic, what should the objective of a corporation be in today’s challenging environment?

Making Investment Decisions with Kathleen Fitzgerald (recorded October 19, 2020)
Learn how to assess whether to undertake an investment, including one directly related to your professional advancement—investing in an MBA degree.

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