Get Involved

Chicago Booth relies on alumni leaders to promote Chicago Booth, connect alumni and students, and create a strong pipeline of potential students and jobs. Learn more about volunteer opportunities and how to get involved below. Contact the alumni office to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

  • Connect with Your Peers Connect with your peers
    When you connect with your peers, not only do you expand your network, but you also have the opportunity to develop new skills. Our alumni leaders often learn how to appeal to individual’s motivations, or rally a group around a common goal, all while engaging with in an ongoing intellectual conversation that is uniquely Chicago Booth. Learn more about connecting with your peers.
  • Get Involved with studentsHelp students
    When our leaders help current students, not only do they increase the power of the Booth brand and enhance the experience of our current students, but they often report back that they gain more insight and perspective for themselves than they feel they impart on students. Helping students to understand the possibilities a Booth MBA opens in the world can be one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have. Learn more about helping students.
  • Promote BoothPromote Booth
    Our alumni leaders around the world are the most powerful advocates for Chicago Booth. Their support helps to by directing capable admissions candidates, underscoring the importance of philanthropy, or spreading awareness of the intellectual capital within the Booth community has a direct impact on the recognition of the Chicago Booth brand everywhere. Learn more about promoting Booth.
  • Linda GinzelEngage with the latest Booth-thinking
    Knowledge is constantly evolving, and there are many opportunities for you to engage with Booth- thinking throughout your career.  Whether you are a recent graduate or are seasoned in your career, you can always expand your critical thinking skills when connecting with the broad range of topics that the Booth community explores. Learn more about engaging with the latest Booth- thinking.