Full-Time MBA


Fernando Castillo Class of 2016


PeruUndergraduate school/major: I graduated from Purdue University and majored in civil engineering.

Previous Industry: Prior to Booth, I worked in the construction industry. I worked in both cost control and operations.

Career plans: I am planning to start a career in management consulting.

Why did you choose to apply to and attend Booth? I chose Booth for two main reasons: the flexible curriculum, which allows you to tailor the MBA based on your specific needs and the people, who are extremely smart and approachable.

Activities: I am a member of the Management Consulting Group, Latin American Business Group, Dean's Student Admissions Committee, Belgian Club, and Soccer Club.

Use three adjectives to describe your experience at Chicago Booth: Transformational, collaborative, and fun

Ask me about...: Applying to Booth, recruiting for consulting, living in Chicago, and where to find the best Peruvian food in the city.

What city/country will you be in during the winter break? Lima, Peru

Arturo Guiterrez Fernandez Class of 2015


Undergraduate school/major: I attended Missouri University of Science and Technology and majored in economics.

Concentrations: Entrepreneurship, finance, general management, and strategic management.

Activities: Member of the Corporate Management and Strategy Group, Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Group, Emerging Markets Group, International Development Group, Latin America Business Group, Hispanic American Business Student Association, and Triathlon and Running Club.

Career plans: I will be recruiting for a summer internship in general management or corporate role.

Why did you choose to attend Chicago Booth? I chose to attend Booth for several reasons. First and foremost is Booth's flexible curriculum. This has offered me the opportunity to explore new and exciting subjects, which, as a career changer, has helped me immensely to focus on my future industry during my first year. Also, because Booth offers grade nondisclosure, I feel the freedom to take demanding and challenging classes over ones that may be easier or more known to me. Booth truly embraces a collaborative mindset both in its student body and its staff. The career services department is the best in the nation; they are always available to offer any assistance and they truly want you to be not only successful but also happy in your career choice. Lastly, the city of Chicago is a wonderful backdrop for the university. From its exciting nightlife to its delicious culinary options to the kind and helpful residents, Chicago is a metropolis with a small city feel. If you are looking for a real, transformative MBA experience, come to Chicago Booth.

Use three adjectives to describe your experience at Chicago Booth: Collaborative, exciting, and rewarding.

What do you consider a "must visit" place or "must do" activity in Chicago? I would highly recommend the newly-opened Peruvian restaurant Tanta. Tanta, owned by the world-renowned Peruvian chef Gaston Acurio, is one of the finest authentic Peruvian restaurants in Chicago. We Peruvians are very proud of our gastronomy and having a place like this can help us feel closer to home.

Ask me about...: The application process, changing careers from consulting to general management, moving to Chicago with your significant other, and how to stay fit during business school.