Full-Time MBA


Arin Aghazarian Class of 2015


Undergraduate school/major: I attended the American University of Beirut and majored in finance.

Concentrations: Entrepreneurship, marketing management, and strategic management.

Activities: Member of the Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital club, Corporate Management and Strategy Club, Booth Technology Group, Chicago Women in Business, Middle East and North Africa Club, and Epicurean Club.

Career plans: I am recruiting for a general management role/rotational program during the summer.

Why did you choose to apply to and attend Booth? I chose Booth because I met some of the alumni while I was applying, and they went out of their way to make me feel part of the Booth family. I realized that if I joined Chicago Booth, I would have a huge community of people around the world who would be helpful throughout my life. Additionally, the city of Chicago is amazing, and the faculty at Booth are top notch.

Use three adjectives to describe your experience at Chicago Booth: Challenging, exciting, and fun.

Ask me about...: Switching careers from consulting to corporate roles or working for start-ups.

Ahsan Kirmani Class of 2015


Ahsan KirmaniUndergraduate School/Major: I attended Lahore University of Management Sciences and majored in economics.

Concentrations: Strategic management and entrepreneurship.

Activities: I am a member of the Management Consulting Group, Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Group, Booth Technology Club, Epicurean Club, and Giving Something Back.

Career plans: I am recruiting for consulting.

Why did you choose to attend Booth? I applied because I felt that at Booth, you can really carve out your own path. The flexible curriculum is truly awesome! You can take the courses you want, and it offers an opportunity to meet and network with second-years. I chose to attend Booth because the staff, the current students, and the alumni all reached out to me after I was accepted and encouraged me to ask questions about Booth and living in Chicago that would make it easier for me to choose the right school. Whether it is professors, students, or alumni, the people at Booth are some of the most helpful I have ever met.

Use three adjectives to describe your Chicago Booth experience: Exhilarating, collaborative, and transformative.

What do you consider a "must visit" place in Chicago? Explore the different neighborhoods of Chicago through food crawls! To name a few, have South Asian food on Devon Street, dumplings in Chinatown, and go to the Ukrainian Village for a lot more than just Ukrainian food.

Ask me about...: Moving to and settling in Chicago from outside the US and how to balance business school with a family.