Full-Time MBA


Viet Hoang Class of 2016


Vietnam BlankUndergraduate school/major: Macalester College, Economics and Math

Previous Industry: Finance, Technology consulting

Career plans: I want to join the high-tech industry and in the longer term join a start-up or start my own company.

Why did you choose to apply to and attend Booth? The flexible curriculum, the pay it forward culture and the warmth of the Booth community. I have a decent foundation in finance, statistics, economics so it's great to be able to take Marketing and Entrepreneurship classes from the first semester to learn completely new things. The pay it forward culture at Booth is amazing, I'm so impressed to see 2nd year spend so much time with 1st year, and how accessible Booth alum are. Warmth of the community comes from the honest, down to earth and easy going nature of people I have met and bonded with.

Activities: Booth Tech, Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital, Public Speaking, Epicurean, Corporate Manage & Strategy, Marketing, Booth Partners clubs and DSAC

Use three adjectives to describe your experience at Chicago Booth: Fun, challenging, and pleasant

Ask me about...: Flexible curriculum, why Booth, transition as an international student to the U.S (and Chicago), asset management (my previous industry), high-tech recruiting.

What city/country will you be in during the winter break? New York/Florida, US