Full-Time MBA

Visit Campus

We welcome prospective MBA students to visit Chicago Booth and experience our unique and vibrant community in order to better understand the differentiating value of the Booth MBA. We offer a couple of campus visit programs to provide you with the opportunity to experience the academic and student life on campus.

  • Campus Visit Program: An informal half-day program, offered year-round. The Campus Visit Program allows you to attend an information session with staff and students, tour the Charles M. Harper Center, have lunch with current students, and visit a class.

    Lunch with Student Groups: Select student groups also host informal, monthly lunches for prospective students with a particular interest. These lunches complement the Daily Campus Visit Program, and registrants will be able to attend the other activities of the program. Visitors can register to have lunch with a specific group when they register for a campus visit. Please note that these special lunches do not replace the general lunch that's offered as part of the Campus Visit Program on full campus visit days. 
  • Chicago Booth Live: Special extended visit days on select Fridays throughout the year. Chicago Booth Live is designed to give prospective students a more in-depth experience of life as a Booth student. Visitors will have the opportunity to interact with current students and Admissions staff in various settings, engage with our faculty in the classroom, and unwind with new friends and the rest of the Booth community at the "Liquidity Preference Function" (LPF).

Connecting with Current Students

Prospective candidates who are interested in connecting with current students with specific interests or backgrounds are welcome to reach out to our student groups prior to their visit. Also, international prospective candidates who are interested in learning more about the international community at Booth are encouraged to contact our Country Captains (student ambassadors), who represent over 70 countries.

Directions to Campus

Our campus is located just minutes away from downtown Chicago. Visitors can arrive on campus via a cab, bus, or train. Please be advised that parking on campus may be challenging. We ask that visitors allow enough time (30 - 45 minutes) to secure a parking spot. Please note, however, that there are several parking garages available to visitors. Learn more about transportation and parking »


This lodging guide lists a range of preferred lodging options for visitors in the Chicago area.

Group Visits

Chicago Booth welcomes group visits to our campus. We ask that all visitors have an interest in our Full-Time MBA program and have the desire to apply to our program in the near future. Group visits will typically consist of an information session and tour of Harper Center (if requested). In order to ensure that we can accommodate the visit, we ask that all group visit requests be made at least two weeks in advance of the desired visit date.

Groups that would like to visit specific departments or student groups are encouraged to contact those individuals directly to schedule a meeting during the day.

Please contact us if you would like to schedule a group visit.

Note: A group visit to Chicago Booth does not include a traditional University of Chicago visit. Individuals interested in attending a general University of Chicago information session and tour are encouraged to contact the Undergraduate Office of Admissions at 773.702.8650.

Office of Admissions

Except for Booth holidays and certain exclusion dates, we are open Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. year-round. An admissions director is available on a walk-in basis.