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Admissions Events - Europe, Middle East and Africa

You can learn more about the Executive MBA Program at several different events in many cities around the world.

Information Sessions - Chicago Booth hosts numerous information sessions in which prospective students can meet with our staff, current students, and alumni for refreshments and conversation about the Executive MBA Program. Each info session will feature a short presentation and question-and-answer session.

One-to-One Sessions – Schedule a one-to-one meeting with an Executive MBA admissions representative in your home town to receive personal feedback on your suitability for our top-ranked, part-time MBA program in London. You can also learn about the admissions process and receive advice on presenting your 'best application'. 

Open Days - Join us for one of our Open Days where you'll have the opportunity to meet members of the Executive MBA Program Europe class and find out what it is like to be a Chicago Booth Executive MBA student. You'll hear presentations from staff members, eat lunch with students, and have a real classroom experience.

Class Visits - The Chicago Booth classroom experience is unlike any other. As a student, you will be in the midst of colleagues from all walks of life, engaged in vigorous debate, called on to voice your opinion, and collaborate with peers to determine which ideas stand up to the rigor of intellectual inquiry. If you’d like to experience student life at our London location, come along for a class visit.

Online Webinars - Learn more about the Executive MBA Program from our faculty and admissions team during an online webinar. Topics for the webinar series include Chicago Booth history, program specifics, the ROI of an MBA and faculty research updates, to name but a few.


Informational Event City Location Date
London (Canary Wharf) - Executive MBA Information Session London Barclays Bank September 20, 2016 Register Now
Paris - Executive MBA Information Session Paris TBC October 20, 2016 Register Now
Moscow - Executive MBA Information Session Moscow TBC October 25, 2016 Register Now
Frankfurt - Executive MBA Information Session Frankfurt TBC November 03, 2016 Register Now
Madrid - Executive MBA Information Session Madrid TBC November 10, 2016 Register Now
London - Executive MBA Information Session London Chicago Booth London Campus November 16, 2016 Register Now
Zurich - Executive MBA Information Session Zurich TBC November 17, 2016 Register Now
Johannesburg - Executive MBA Information Session Johannesburg TBC November 23, 2016 Register Now
Warsaw - Executive MBA Information Session Warsaw TBC December 01, 2016 Register Now
Dubai - Executive MBA Information Session Dubai TBC December 07, 2016 Register Now

OPEN DAYS 2015 - 16

Class Visits

Online Webinars

Informational Event City Location Date
Executive MBA Online Information Session Online 13:00 BST August 10, 2016 Register Now
Executive MBA Webinar - How to Create Your Best MBA Application Online 13:00 BST September 07, 2016 Register Now
Online Executive MBA Information Session Online 13:00 BST December 14, 2016 Register Now