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Michael Gibbs

Clinical Professor of Economics; Faculty Director of the Executive MBA Program

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5807 South Woodlawn Avenue
Chicago, IL 60637

Michael Gibbs studies the economics of human resources and organizational design. He is co-author (with Edward Lazear) of the leading textbook in his field, Personnel Economics in Practice. The 3rd edition and a Chinese translation will be published in 2015. Gibbs's research has been published in the Quarterly Journal of Economics, Industrial & Labor Relations Review, Accounting Review, and other journals. Professor Gibbs is a Research Fellow of the Center for the Study of Labor (IZA), the Institute for Compensation Studies, and is on the board of Huy Vietnam.

In 2007 Gibbs received the Notable Contribution to Management Accounting Literature from the American Accounting Association. He has received two Hillel Einhorn Excellence in Teaching Awards.

Gibbs earned an AB, AM and PhD in economics all from the University of Chicago.


2014 - 2015 Course Schedule

Number Name Quarter
33801 Microeconomics 2015 (Summer)
33832 Organizations and Incentives 2015 (Winter)
42818 Governance 2015 (Summer)

Other Interests

Food, travel, computers.


Research Activities

Personnel economics.

“Design & Implementation of Pay for Performance,” Oxford Handbook of Managerial Economics (2013).

With A. Levenson & C. Zoghi, “Why are Jobs Designed the Way They Are?,” Research in Labor Economics (2010).

With K. Merchant, W. Van der Stede & M. Vargus, “Performance Measure Properties and Incentive Plan Design,” Industrial Relations (2009).

With W. Hendricks, “Do Formal Salary Systems Really Matter?” Industrial & Labor Relations Review (2004).

With K. Merchant, W. Van der Stede & M. Vargus, “Determinants and Effects of Subjectivity in Incentives,” The Accounting Review (2004).

With G. Baker & B. Holmstrom, “The Internal Economics of the Firm: Evidence from Personnel Data,” Quarterly Journal of Economics (1994).

With G. Baker & B. Holmstrom, “The Wage Policy of a Firm,” Quarterly Journal of Economics (1994).

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