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Lubos Pastor 

Charles P. McQuaid Professor of Finance

"Uncertainty about government policy and stock prices," Journal of Finance (2012).
"On the size of the active management industry," Journal of Political Economy (2012).
"Are stocks really less volatile in the long run?," Journal of Finance (2012).
"Liquidity risk and expected stock returns," Journal of Political Economy (2003).

Austerity or stimulus? Inflation or deflation? Focus on the Future.

Chicago Booth is renowned for faculty whose insights and analyses reshape the face of business, markets, and the global economy. The strength of Booth’s unique perspective is reflected in one of the school’s most venerable traditions, Economic Outlook.

Drawing on Booth’s culture of unparalleled inquiry, this annual event provides a forum for our pathbreaking thought leaders to confront the future—evaluating emergent trends and sharing key insights that help reframe our understanding of the world to come.

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