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Global Talent Solutions

Global Talent Solutions (GTS) is our recruiting portal through which recruiters can manage all of their Chicago Booth recruiting activities. Through GTS recruiters can view and edit job postings for all Booth candidates - current students seeking entry-level MBA opportunities, as well as alumni and students in the executive education programs who are seeking more senior level opportunities.

For our on-campus recruiters, GTS collects applications which may be viewed online and sent via email. Recruiters can submit invitation and alternate lists as well as view preliminary and final schedules online. Recruiters may also send emails to students through GTS throughout the entire recruiting process.

For step-by-step instructions on how to complete a variety of tasks in GTS, including updating your contact information and requesting interviews or recruiting events, refer to the GTS Quick Reference Guide (PDF).  

If you are a Booth graduate representing your organization in the recruitment process you may use your Booth email/Community Directory preferred email to log in to GTS:  log in with Booth username and password »

Booth graduates not using their Booth email/Community Directory preferred email may log in with a GTS username and password:  log in with GTS username/password »

First time and returning recruiters may log in with a GTS username and password: log in with GTS username/password »