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Chicago Conversations—straight to the heart of the matter. In true Booth style, we actively seek the brightest thinkers, innovators, and leaders and engage them in their cities. Wherever the players are is where you’ll find us. Looking at industry-specific topics and challenges through the lens of Chicago-style thinking is guaranteed to make for a lively, engaging, insightful conversation. A Chicago Conversation.

In the 2016 Chicago Conversations series, we shine a spotlight on issues of relevance in entrepreneurship and marketing. 

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Join us for Chicago Conversations 2016

Leading entrepreneurs and industry experts gather at Chicago Conversations around the world for vigorous discussions on various issues of relevance across marketing and entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship at Chicago Booth
As the top concentration at Chicago Booth, entrepreneurship continues to attract interest. We provide immersive, experiential learning and venture acceleration resources for University of Chicago students and alumni through the Polsky Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation. The Polsky Center plays a crucial role in nurturing the entrepreneurial ambitions of current students. The Edward L. Kaplan, '71, New Venture Challenge, an accelerator program celebrating 20 years in June 2016, has graduated more than 100 companies still in operation and created thousands of jobs for the economy. NVC companies have achieved more than $4 billion in mergers and exits.

Marketing at Chicago Booth
Marketing at Booth focuses on building the skills needed to lead in today’s increasingly complex and data-driven markets. The James M. Kilts Center for Marketing advances marketing at Chicago Booth by facilitating faculty research, supporting innovations in the marketing curriculum, funding scholarships for MBA and PhD students, and creating engaging programs aimed at enhancing the careers of students and alumni. We believe in deep questioning, intellectual curiosity, and a mastery of business fundamentals. We apply these hallmarks of Booth education to build a unique brand of marketing leader who excels working cross-functionally and collaboratively, while drawing insights from big data to take decisive action.