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Read this: Gender gaps close, volunteering pays, and income stagnates

By Chelsea Vail - September 18, 2014
When we started the Capital Ideas blog, we promised to bring you research, analysis, and commentary from Chicago Booth and beyond.

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Renegotiating? Timing is everything

By Robin Mordfin - September 17, 2014
Over the summer, CBS's hit series the Big Bang Theory made the news on a nearly daily basis for almost a month as renegotiations of the actors’ contracts played out.

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Great Scot! Independence means instability, say top economists

By Chelsea Vail - September 16, 2014
Should Scotland be an independent country? That’s the simple question being posed to Scots this Thursday, when they will vote on an historical referendum to secede from the United Kingdom.

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Fed plans tougher-than-Basel capital rules

By Chelsea Vail - September 15, 2014

The Federal Reserve has announced plans to raise capital requirements for the largest US banks beyond those agreed upon at Basel last year... 

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Bridge to somewhere: Economic opportunity in infrastructure spending

By Robin Mordfin - September 10, 2014
The American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) has given the United States a D-plus on its 2013 Report Card for America’s Infrastructure.

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Jose vs. Joe: A case of resume racism

By Chelsea Vail - September 04, 2014

Racism occurs in many forms, some subtler than others.

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Healing the kidney crisis

By Amy Merrick - September 03, 2014
More than 100,000 people in the US are waiting for a new kidney, but only 14,000 transplants were performed last year.

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Keynes's 15-hour workweek, revisited

By Chelsea Vail - August 29, 2014

US workers put in an average of 7.6 hours on the days they worked in 2013, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics American Time Use Survey.

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The state of state budgets is dismal

By Robin Mordfin - August 28, 2014

Living on borrowed money has become a habit in the United States. And the problem goes way beyond personal finances. 

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Hot Tub Time Machine: Wall Street edition

By Hal Weitzman - August 27, 2014

How different would the movie Hot Tub Time Machine have been if it had not been four loveable losers who got transported back 24 years but four Wall Street types? 

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